The New Office Baby

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Almost two years ago, June of 2014 in fact, Justin had a blogpost about his 6 month old son Everett being the office baby, a position he could relate with as he was once the office baby when his mom would bring him into the office when he was Everett’s age. Well I’m 23, but I can relate with my buddy Ev (pictured above, he calls me Bob) and Justin, in that I am the new office baby. I’ve known Justin and his family for years now through being YoungLife leaders together at Powell High School and have been granted and blessed with such a great opportunity in joining him and his wonderful team at Bailey & Co. I’ve been here for almost 2 months now and being the baby of the office has been such an exciting and new experience for me. There have been challenges, both hard and fun, in trying to figure this entirely new world of Real Estate as well as real life with a real job. My view of Knoxville, a town I’ve fallen in love with since coming here in 2011, has grown immensely and I already see it in such a different and broader way. You might have seen a guy in black Ford Escape with a stack of Bailey & Co. yard signs placing them all over Knoxville, Powell, Karns, Halls, Oak Ridge, Clinton Union County, Corryton, etc. If so, that’s me! Even better has been the feeling I get in the office from the incredible people that work here. They keep me in line and busy, but also take the time to make sure I understand what I’m doing and are so helpful. My biggest takeaway so far is a line I’ve heard Justin and his dad Larry say a few times around the office: “People over profit.” That’s what this company and these people care about, and that’s why they do this: to help people and help grow this community. That’s why I wanted to work here. That’s why I’m glad to be the new office baby.

– Rob Logan

Justin BaileyThe New Office Baby