The Moment

Recently I showed a few houses to a couple I know mutually through Justin Bailey here at Bailey & Co. and it was an experience I’ll never forget. They’re a wonderful, warm, kind couple who were looking to upsize due to their 3 little ones getting a little older and needing a bigger space for their family to grow up in. Now I’m still a little new to the Real Estate world, but showing houses I feel I can say I’ve gotten comfortable with the whole song and dance of it. And this day of showings started like all the others. We went in a couple houses, looked around, talked about what they liked, talked about what they didn’t like. Talked about possibilities, and how they would do things similarly or differently if they lived there. All in all, pretty routine for me. But one showing that day was different, both for the two of them and for myself, because this house was the one. The. One. And I know it was The One because of The Moment. For them, it fit pretty much everything that they were looking for. One thing after another in this house they could cross off their checklist, from the location to the size to the living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms to the bathrooms to the basement to the backyard, everything just clicked. For me, I was fortunate enough to witness the second that they knew it. The second they knew that this house was their home. It was the first time for me as a Realtor, and in general, as a person, to witness someone have that moment. I remember stepping aside a minute to allow them to have their sweet moment, and for me to grin and have mine. It was totally a “Oh yeah, this is why I wanted to do this” moment for me. To help people find their home, and these folks found theirs. And I’m very thankful for that reminder. I hope I’m able to witness that moment for many others as I continue along in the world of Real Estate, but I’ll never forget that moment.

-Rob Logan

Justin BaileyThe Moment