The Office Baby





This is my 6 month old son Everett ( the office baby ) .  He likes eating, pooping, and going on the occasional listing appointment with his dad. All joking aside, it’s a sweet thing for me to have him come by the office when he and his mom pop in. I spent a good portion of my childhood being the office baby.  My grandfather encouraged my mom into getting her Real Estate license right after I was born and off to work we went. My dad traveled with a sales job, so until I started kindergarden and when I wasn’t with a grandparent I was at work with my mom using sold signs as a chew toy. I always tell my clients I’ve spent half my life at a closing table. I actually loved going to work with my mom. She was hard working and always on the go. She made me a part of the process. When she worked with buyers with small children it was my job to entertain the kids so the parents could see the house without being rushed. In fact when I was 7 or 8 my mom used to have a business card with a picture of her and I on it. It was a great way to grow up. I obviously didn’t hate it to much because here I am 32 years later selling Real Estate and not much has changed except I have learned to stop chewing on sold signs.

Justin BaileyThe Office Baby